2022: Wk of Mar 20 – 27; Test Knit Completed, Circular Needle “Case”


I finished!! Well, except to put the buttons on. I finished it last night and it’s currently blocked but still drying! I’ll be mailing it out to my stepdaughter in a few days.

Now I’m working like crazy to get the Rainbow speckle socks finished as I want to send them with the sweater. I’ll post a photo of the finished socks next week.


I am so tickled with myself. I was looking at the Knit Pro circular needle holder online not loving the floral fabric of the case when I realized to could create my own “case”. I bought a fun fabric circular needle holder from Twisted Yarn and Fiber at the Wool Festival last September. It was great for bringing all my circular needles down to Florida with me. But anytime I wanted a needle, I had to dump them all out and then try to figure out what size the needles were. So I ordered these cute and colorful mesh bags from Amazon to hold the needles by size. I’m using wipeable stitch markers from Katrinkles so that I can write on the stitch marker what sized needles are in the bag. The mesh bags fit inside the original needle holder. Totally loving how compact and portable this is and how easy it will be to find the size needle I want.


Just thought I’d share some MALS I’ve found. I know you aren’t surprised that I’ve added MALS tracking to my knitting plan/calendar/spreadsheet. It’s just a simple list in a spare space on the calendar so I can be reminded of what MALS I might be able to participate in that month. There’s the monthly sock MALS of Grocery Girls and GotWIPS. AGirlAndHerWool is also doing a sock KAL over the spring months of Apr-Jun. Since she is a yarn dyer, she is doing a twist on sock knitting by focusing on doing speckle yarn one month, self striping another, and verigated another with the idea of commenting on what you learn as you use different color styles to make socks. Whereas Grocery Girls and GotWIPS require the socks be started and finished within the month, AGirl can be done anytime and any order although you are limited to one FO per month. Then M1Yarns is doing a spring tee/tank MAL. My knitting plan is blowing up (surprise surprise) as I move projects around to fit MALs. Fortunately I am already knitting a speckle sock and had planned to knit a self striping sock and AGirl verigated sock so it’s just a matter of moving them up on the schedule. It’s all part of the planning fun (or funniness of a “plan”). I had already planned to knit a tee this spring. Poor hubby’s sweater is getting delayed even more.


Now that I’ve finished the test knit and will soon have the socks finished, I can look forward to what’s next. I also have to consider that we start our trip back north this week. I do want to put the next pair of socks on needles. That will be the self-stripping sock yarn that I brought to Florida but will be my trip home knit. My neice’s baby blanket will get attention as well.


Since my daughter is getting married in Charleston, SC in May, we have rented several beach front/near homes for all the out of town children as well as ourselves to stay in. My sister has also rented a beach house with her “kids”. So I wanted to get at least one beach canopy. What a pleasent surprise that we found a use one being sold at the “garage” sale the condo complex held yesterday. It’s a huge canopy (12’x12′) that the owner used to sell her wares at art shows. It even has 4 side panels if I want to create more shade. It’s can be 2-3′ taller than this picture. They had lowered the legs. I got it for $50!!! She cut the price in half when I said I needed it for my daughter’s wedding.


Well, we head north Friday. I’m looking forward to spending Saturday with my daughter and son-in-law. (I’ll get to drop off the beach canopy!!) Sunday we head over to the Biltmore Estate for two nights, a Christmas present from several of our kids. The gardens should be amazing.

I hope everyone has a great crafting week. I’m thankful I have much to look forward to as I sadly say good-bye to Florida friends.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.