YOP: Wk of 9/5-11; Frogging and Socks

Sailormoon Redo

Thankful the light bulb finally went off before I went much further on my daughter’s Sailormoon sweater. I wasn’t sure she would like the hot pink speckles so I sent her a picture of the stripes. Indeed she admitted she probably wouldn’t wear the sweater a lot because of them. So I frogged her sweater and I’m restarting with some Madelinetosh Light in Cinnamon Dolce and Silver Lining that I had in my stash for a sweater for me. She loves the new colors.

I will use the blue and hot pink speckled yarn for a sweater for me. I’m really loving Joji Locatelli’s Newspaper brioche sweater. This will definitely be on my 2022 plan.

Swirl E Socks

I’m in the home stretch on my Swirl E socks as I’ve completed the foot and heels and just have to do the legs. While I still want them to be short, I’ve learned I need to make the leg a bit longer if I want the stripes to show above my sneakers.

I want to have them done by Saturday so I can wear them to the Wool Festival and show them off to the vender that I bought the yarn from 2 years ago (Redbird Yarn Studio). She has been “missing in action” the past year due to “life stuff” so I’m thrilled that she did not give up on yarn making.

New Row Counters

I love the row counters from Twice Sheared Sheep and I already have several (uhh 4 to be exact). I have wanted both a shorter counter for things like 4 row sock patterns and a counter set for flat work (one counter is only odd numbers – usually the pattern rows – and the other is only even numbers – usually the purl row). Dawn offered a sale last weekend so I finally bought them. I was so close to free shipping that adding the cute (honeycomb, carbon ring if you are a chemist like me) markers in essence only cost me $3. I love using those cheap 7 day pill holders for my knitting notions. This one only holds row counters. I have others to hold my multiple sizes and colors of 0-ring stitch markers.

Looking Forward

The coming week is exciting. I will have yarn to share next week as I will attend the Wool Gathering festival next Saturday. I already have three venders that I’m committed to buying some skeins of yarn. I have too many sweater projects waiting for me to knit them so I’ll be buying fun sock yarns. I have plenty of people that will be happy with a sock gift as well as socks for me. I will also likely be buying a high end ball winder as I wasted an evening winding a ball on my cheap plastic one. I usually visit my friend that owns the expensive one but I thought “I only need to wind one ball to restart the Sailormoon sweater”. A whole evening spent just getting one ball wound!! Grrr. But it’s a lot of money to spend when my friend is only too happy to let me come over to wind yarn.

I hope you have an exciting week coming up as well.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.

YOP: Wk of 8/1-7 Knitting Updates and Mimosa Tree

This year I have been using my digital knitting plan as my blog’s featured image. This is to keep my plan front and center in my mind. I will also makes it easy to compare what I planned versus what I’m doing. I update my plan as I change it over the year. So this week I decided my featured image would be where I’m at versus what my plan was back in Jan. Plus it’s more colorful due to noting changes. 🙂

Heldig Tank

Caitlyn’s tank top is coming along. It’s a pretty boring knit since it’s a stockinette body with very basic K1P1 ribbing as the side “seam” detail. But that makes it great for TV or social knitting. I’m happy with the waist shaping but now it’s time to put the stitches back on for bust shaping. Couple more inches and I start the “yoke”. Almost to 3rd ball of yarn.

Heldig Tank

James’ Christmas Socks

James’ Christmas socks got a little love this week. I realized that 72 stitches was probably too many even with a size 0 needle so I reduced the stitches to 68 over the foot. Since I want the socks to match I decided to start the second sock and knit the foot to the same decreases as the first sock. I know myself that leaving a note in the project bag would get lost. Hence, again my preference for 2 at a time socks but the 9″ circular single sock is indeed nice for grocery shopping/soccer matches (hometown team tied Saturday night).

Gingerbread House Socks

Resistance is Futile

Arg. I know better. Knowing that I hope to buy Christmas sock yarn at the Wool Festival in September but being afraid there wouldn’t be any (that happened in 2019), I made the mistake of looking on Etsy for Christmas Sock yarn. While not really what I was looking for, I found this cute “holiday lights” yarn that is really just a rainbow speckle on white yarn from AlwaysBeKindYarn. This is a fun yarn that I could wear all year, not just at Christmas. So I bought it. My yarn “diet” only lasted 3 months!! Plus I know I’ll be buying yarn at the festival!!

Holiday Lights Sock Yarn

Speaking of Etsy, this week arrived some cute reusable project bag tags that I ordered from Katrinkles. This way I don’t have to remember what project is inside the bag. The marker can be removed with rubbing alcohol and then the tag reused. We will see if I’m sorry that I only ordered 3.

Project Bag Tags

Mimosa Tree

On a final note. I am so tickled with myself for planting a mimosa tree near our deck. After 3 failed attempts at getting a tree to grow so close to our woods but along our decking, I finally went with a “weed” tree. Personally I love the mimosa tree but I’ve seen it sprout up along the highway exits in the Carolinas. Hence I figured it had a better chance of surviving in my desired location. It has turned out even better than I expected. I adore the fuzzy pink blooms. And seeing the blooming tree through our deck door and windows is stunning. We have already enjoyed blooms for the past month and they seem to still be going strong!

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.

Wk of 6/28-7/4: Second Half Goals

Second Half Goals

Socks: A pair of Christmas 🎄 socks completes my ’21 plan but I have 2 more pairs already on needles. This goal should be met and exceeded.

Sweaters: My plan calls for 4 more to be completed but that will not happen. I definitely want to complete a tank top for my son’s girlfriend and another Sailormoon for my daughter. Hopefully I’ll start a sweater for my husband or more likely a summer weight cardigan for me.

That sums up my goals as I set them at the beginning of the year before “life happened”. As I said in last week’s post I’m happy with changes I’ve made.

This Week’s Knitting

I have been trying 9″ circulars for sock knitting. I have a pair of DK on size 4s and a pair of fingering on size 0s. I don’t particularly like 9″ circulars and likely will go back to 2 at a time magic loop socks. I will only do socks on 9″ when I want an extremely small project to carry with me. I still want to try the 9″ for my colorwork socks. Fixing a stitch is nearly impossible and I don’t feel I’m knitting any faster as it’s hard to move the stitches around the needle.

Hubby and I are enjoying two weeks at our friend’s beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It has become an annual trip. Lots of sun and good food. We are very fortunate. But writing this blog on my Kindle is a challenge.😵

Outer Banks

I have made progress on both my Vanilla Fixation anklets and my Hermione Deep Dyed Yarn anklets. I’m at or nearly at the heels so at least one pair should be a FO by next week’s post. I do so love the Deep Dyed yarn!!😍.

I also started swatching for Caitlyn’s Heldig Tank. This hot pink yarn is going to be so fun to knit. I hope to get the top cast-on this week.


Hope you are having a fun week crafting.

This is a Year Of Projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group. Make a plan for the coming year, update your blog weekly, and share the link to the group’s Ravelry page. YOP is just tarting it’s 11th year!! I’m starting my second in the group.

YOP Update – Wk #15


Well, I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped on my Sailormoon so I’m still working on the body. 😝 My son had a light week of school work so he wanted to play a board game every afternoon. I am only too happy to get to spend time with him as I know those days are numbered. I’m thinking I will need to add some more stripes before making the lace bottom. I’ll be trying it on later today to see. Plus spring always means lots of yardwork so I didn’t get to knit as much as I’d like.

Sailormoon for Me


I did work a little on my anklets where I’m using up the yarn from my sample knit sock. This is my social knitting project so it’s moving pretty slowly. I did try taking it to the grocery while my husband did most of the grocery shopping. Plus I got a few rows in on the drive to and from the grocery.

Vanilla Anklets


I follow the blog for AGirlAndHerWool so she mentioned her business has been off to a slow start this year. I had seen several colorways that I really liked so I decided my birthday last week was a good excuse to order some from her. The colors are just as pretty as I had imagined from the photos. I’m going to make a striped pair of socks with her Smoke Paprika and Orange Sorbet yarns. Then I’m going to pair a grey/blue mini from my advent calendar as the toe/heel contrast yarn with her SeaSalt yarn. It’s not like I don’t have at least 10 other yarns that need to be knit up in socks!! Oh well.

Sock Yarns


Last week I shared that I was not real thrilled with how bland my circular needle holder was. A friend commented on how beautiful Roxanne Richardson’s circular needle holder was in her office update podcast. This inspired me that all I needed to do was cover my needle holder with some pretty fabric. Then recut out the slots for the needles to go through. I’m much happier with my “rainbow bright” needle holder.

Updated Circular Needle Holder


Well, that was my week. Looking forward to hubby and I getting our second and final vaccine shot this week. Fingers crossed the second dose does not make me sick. We were invited by friends to go to Gatlinburg this week but just felt we had tried so hard to get our shots that we didn’t want to delay the second shot even if we were able. It’s going to be super cold this week so it will be a great knitting weather, and too cold for gardening. 😁👍

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.

2021 YOP – Week 13 – Sailormoon Sweater

Didn’t get a lot of knitting done this week. Didn’t knit much while visiting my daughter and her fiancé. But we did have a wonderful visit. She said “yes to the dress” so she has the big items of venue and wedding dress done. Hubby was able to drive a few hours on the trip to Cincinnati so got some sock knitting done on that travel day. Typical of a man, he sees his 3+ hours of driving equal to my 6+ hours. Seems my days have been filled with errands as we settle back into our home. Have had to relearn how to use the microwave and where the dishes/pots are stored. The cold snap has been brutal (tied coldest opening day for Cincinnati Reds baseball) for my husband so we are really missing Florida. But we are thankful that we both got our first dose of the the Covid vaccine this week.

A fun surprise upon returning home is that some yarn and a swivel cable were waiting for me to open. More Fixation yarn to make cute anklets with the striped balls I already have. A friend has used the new Knit Pick swivel cables and said they are great. They sold out fast so I was only able to get the 20″ cable. I’ll only be able to use it on sleeves. But the new stock just came in!!! I ordered 4 more longer cables. The cable does have 1″ markings so that you can measure your knitting with the cable.

New Yarn!!!

My focus has been my Sailormoon sweater. I really hate picking up stitches although it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Now I’m knitting the body in the round for 10″ so a no brainer knit. I’m looking forward to making the lace panel at the bottom. The back has the interesting striping. I still need to pick up stitches for the sleeves and then the neck. Most knitters make a ribbed neck but I’m hoping to do a bit of lace.

Well, now that we are back it’s time to get onto my homeowner tasks. Yuck. My goal is to work 2 hrs per day on some task; cleaning, gardening, arranging service work, etc. Plus an hour a day on exercise; yoga, walking, etc. Then the remainder of the day can go to knitting/internet/tv. I’m going to try carrying a sock project with me as I walk to practice not looking at my stitches as I knit?? This weekend is gardening – start seeds and clean out the gardening side of our garage. The plants I brought in last fall are heavily whitefly infested so I’ve taken them outside and sprayed them with Neem oil. I may be chucking them and the soil into the woods. With wintering in Florida I’ve realized I need to stop owning plants that need to be brought in for the winter. So this year will be only outdoor flower bed plants and annuals in any deck pots.

’21 YOP Week 11

This will be a quick update. I have started my Sailormoon sweater for me. I do love the Madelinetosh yarns I chose, Medieval and Found Pottery. I know I’m going to love wearing it. I need to pay a bit more attention to patterns I pick as this one has lots of picking up stitches and I hate picking up stitches. Oh well. Good practice and maybe I’ll change my mind. Glad this sweater is for me so that when I make it again for my daughter, fit issues should be figured out. Since it’s mostly stockinette, it should be a fairly quick knit even though it’s fingering weight (of course).


This did result in my purchase of a second yarn butler. I found I really like using one with a large cake of yarn when pulling yarn from the outside. With this sweater, I’m switching between the two colors of yarn every 4 rows which made it a pain to constantly take the cakes off and on the one yarn butler I had. So I bought a second one so the cake can just stay on its butler. This is going quite well and leads to smooth unwinding of the yarn.

I did cast-on a pair of anklets with the leftover yarn from my AGirlAndHerWool sample sock knit and knit the toes. These anklets were not on my 2021 plan. We are down to our last week in Florida. Three months seem to have zoomed by. I can’t believe it’s already time to head back north. On the off chance I get to do any knitting on our drive back home I wanted a simple vanilla sock on needles. Juggling the two balls of yarn on yarn butlers for the Sailormoon sweater would not work in the car. I am usually the driver due to my husband’s health issues. Occasionally I get an hour or so break on our 10 hr/day drives. I am looking forward to spending the weekend with our daughter and her fiancé as a break in our 20 hr drive back to Ohio.

Toes of A Girl And Her Wool Anklets

I was excited to learn that our “local” wool gathering will indeed be held this year in September. My knitting friends and I have a day of shopping for yarns and gadgets to look forward to this fall. We are all trying to adhere to a “yarn fast” until September. But I did order some more Fixation yarn this week for anklets to use up leftover yarn and will be picking up yarn I bought from my Cincinnati LYS for hubby’s sweater once we return to Ohio. Funny how leftover yarn leads to more yarn purchased which leads to more leftover yarn, etc. How do you stop this endless cycle of leftover yarn leading to buying more yarn to use up the leftover which leads to more leftover yarn, and on and on?

This is a Year Of Projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.

Week 9: New Knitting “Toy” and Project Updates

FO??? – Sample Knit Sock

I finished my sample knit sock. Knitting a sample knit wasn’t on my original plan but I was happy to accept the opportunity. I finished the sock in one week which is a first for me. I was monogamous as I wanted to return the sock as soon as possible even though I had till the end of March as my deadline. It was just a plain vanilla pattern so it was easy to knit. But it means I should be able to knit a pair of socks in two weeks instead of the usual month it takes me to get a pair done. Usually I’m also knitting a sweater at the same time I’m knitting the socks so that I can have some variety in my knitting. I’m hoping I’ll get another opportunity to knit more sample socks.

Sample Knit – A Girl And Her Wool

I’m back to knitting on my daughter’s Bisquit top. I weighed how many grams of yarn it takes to make one row (1.5g) to make sure I know how many rows I can make with the yarn I have left. I would prefer to reduce the number of stockinette rows if I need to instead of the bottom lace. I did cast on another pair of Fixation yarn socks. These are not on my 2021 plan but are just to have a small project that I can easily carry with me.

Bisquit Top

New Project Tote – Clear

I’ve written before how I like to use clear bags for my “projects in waiting” and accessory bags. So I was thinking that I might enjoy having a clear tote to carry around my WIP project(s) and accessory bags when I get together for “knit sessions”. My WIPs are kept in cute fabric project bags. I often carry a sock project and a sweater project when I get together with other knitters so that I can switch projects if I develop a problem or need a simpler project while talking. I have been using quilted totes which I like very much but does lead to “digging around” to find my accessory bag, sock ruler, etc. I’m hoping the clear tote makes it easier to find the item I’m looking for. The clear tote was not expensive so if I don’t end up liking it I didn’t waste much money. Plus I could use it for attending professional sports matches. I have a season ticket to our MLS (soccer) team and clear totes are requested for security reasons.

Clear Knitting Tote

It was cloudy and cool here in SW Florida today so I got to wear my new “non” shellseeker sweater this evening. I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear it once we get back to Cincinnati in a few weeks. I’m anxious to get back to Cincinnati so I can sign up for the Covid vaccine. I am so looking forward to getting together again with my knitting friends at our local coffee shop once we all have our vaccines.

That’s it for this week. Probably going to be a broken record each week as I focus on getting my daughter’s top finished.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.

#85 2021 Plan Update – WK1

Year of Projects 2021

So far in 2021 I’m being pretty monogamous knitting only my non-shellseeker sweater. I’ve finished the body and now just have the sleeves before I’ll have my first FO of the year!! The good news (?) is that it’s cool enough in south Florida that I’ll actually be able to wear my new sweater. But I’m anxious to get my daughter’s top started. I need to get it done before we visit her on the way back north the end of March.

I’m liking my new idea of using a knitting calendar and yes, I’m off plan already in week 1. I did not start my advent socks. I really want to finish my sweater before casting on new socks. So it will be another week before I actually cast on the socks versus when I thought I would. So far I’m using the calendar to record how many stitches I knit each day. I’ve never used a progress keeper before so I’m working on the habit of setting one on each project and then moving it when I end my knitting for the day. I’m a data freak so anything that creates numbers that can then be graphed and analyzed is heaven to me.


I discovered this week that I forgot my o-ring stitch markers. I know it wastes time but I put a colorful o-ring stitch marker every 10 stitches so that I can easily keep track of increases/decreases or find drop/added stitches. Thanks to Amazon, I quickly got a new set. I ordered a size in-between the 2 sizes I already have (tiny for Size 1 and below sock needles and large for Size 8 and above for heavy weight sweaters or airy shawls) thus I don’t feel so guilty about forgetting them and having to buy more. Can you really have too many colorful stitch markers???


Covid has hit my knitting circle. One of my hometown knitting friends and her husband were diagnosed with Covid a week ago despite trying to be extremely cautious. Her husband still works and thus probably picked it up there. Now her husband is in the hospital due to low oxygen levels. I pray that he is able to gain strength and return home soon.

#72 In Person Knitting!!

Well my knitting group finally bit the bullet and met in person after not seeing each other physically for the past 6 months! A LYS offered reserving their very large table area that normally seats 16+ knitters to be reserved for no more than 6 people. So the 5 of us were able to reserve it for our group. While we didn’t hug or even squish each others projects, it was nice to be able to see how beautiful everyone’s project is. The colors and details just don’t come through accurately on the computer.

We showed our appreciation by buying yarn and I bought the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book and worksheets. I’m a visual learner so creating stitch charts is best for me. The LYS offered 20% off on books so is it my fault I couldn’t resist?? I’m looking forward to reading about the method and then applying it to the various sweater projects in my queue. Of course this week I’ve added 2 more sweaters to my queue for 2021. One will use yarn from my stash but after not finding summer weight yarn I wanted at the LYS, I ordered closeout yarn from WEBS when I came home. I mean really, no one is expected to resist a sweater quantity of yarn for $60 right!?

We capped off the afternoon with a two block walk down the town’s main street to visit a coffee shop for a latte treat. While not sunny, it was warm enough to sit outside so we could maintain safe socializing. Here in Cincinnati it is just about peak autumn leaves color. So a beautiful day both visually and emotionally.


Finally!!! I finished the third pair of socks and mailed them off to Boston Friday. I included a note encouraging the recipients to let me know how then fit if they hope to receive a second pair. 🙂

I got a little knitting done on my daughter’s Christmas socks and I finished the sleeves on my Amrum sleeves. I even modified the sleeve a little by adding some of the front pattern to the end of the sleeve. I’m much happier with the sleeves since I tried it on repeatedly to confirm the fit. The sleeves on my sweater I made last winter are WAY too baggy as well as too long. I really should rip them out and reknit them. Being SHORT, I need to accept that patterns are going to have sleeves that are too long and I must plan on fewer rows and quicker decreases than the pattern calls for. I’m confident I can get both the Christmas socks and the sweater done by Thanksgiving. I only need a few more inches on the body of the sweater!! I’m already looking forward to casting on the next sweater!

#68 Charms for Stitch Markers

I love stitch markers!! I have written several blogs about various stitch markers I have found that are helpful to my knitting. But recently on a trip to Hobby Lobby to get machine oil for my sewing machine, I happened to think that charms would make beautiful and fun stitch markers. I might have been motivated by my current project where I’m using lots of stitch markers to track where I’m at in the ever growing lace pattern. I have various purple markers on the ssk side of the pattern and various green and white markers on the k2tog side. So I have a purple sheep marker on one side of the pattern and a green sheep marker on the other side. Same for yarn ball markers, flower markers, etc. I’m running out of pairs of markers as the pattern keeps expanding as I knit down the body.

So I checked out the jewelry section at Hobby Lobby. They really do have quite the collection of charms to my surprise. Plus as typical of Hobby Lobby, they were all 50% off. I finally could not resist a set of markers that were a colorful stack of books. Indeed I am happily using them on my sweater.

Last year my knitting friends did a small gift exchange at Christmas. Creating a set of markers from charms that fit their different personal interests would be so fun. Unfortunately it is likely that Covid-19 will continue to keep us from meeting in person this Christmas. We will have to do Christmas in July!! I’m also hoping my children might see my Instagram post of the book stack charms so that they get an idea of an inexpensive gift to give me for Christmas. Is that a passive-aggressive thing to do??