#4 Knitting Bags

IMG_20180101_1239276_rewindI get a lot of joy out of using a good bag to hold my knitting.  I have a quilted bag that I found pretty cheap on Amazon, ~$12.  It has pockets on the inside and outside to help me organize items instead of just dropping them into the bag.  Importantly it has a zipper closure so that my knitting accessories don’t fall out.  The bag does a great job of holding my project bags (pink one).  This makes it easy to sit the bag at my feet and pull out yarn as needed.

I tried a cheap canvas bag to hold my large prayer shawl project.  I used Velcro to close the top.  This is not working well as the yarn sticks to the Velcro.  I just ordered a new bag from Amazon and am excited to see if it’s as nice as my original bag.  Sadly the site of my original bag no longer exists.  I’m thinking I may need one bag for my smaller projects like socks, scarves, hats, gloves and then a different bag for each large project such as a sweater or prayer shawl.  Originally I was just using the first bag because all my projects were fairly small.  I could easily store two projects in the one bag.  But now that I’m working on projects that take 1000+ yds of yarn, I’m finding they need their own bag.  I probably need to order a third bag to hold my sweater project.

A year into knitting and I’m still experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.  From bags to yarns to how best to use markers and counters and Ravelry notes to keep track of where I am while knitting and how to repeat a project (like make a matching second sock).  Gosh, I’m having fun.