#59 YouTube and Zoom Knitting

The pandemic caused by corona virus has certainly changed my routine.  But it has actually been nice and I will be sorry to see things go back to “normal”.  Under “normal” circumstances I would get together on Saturday mornings with my 4 knitting friends at a local coffee shop.  That is fun and I do miss it.  But we have continued to get together via Zoom.  I definitely prefer getting together in person so I am looking forward to that getting back to “normal”.

I also enjoyed watching a knitting podcast by “The Grocery Girls”.  It was usually every two weeks and I could watch it whenever it was convenient for me.  With the pandemic they have been podcasting every week and they have been podcasting live.  It really does almost feel like fountain the room with them.  I have really enjoyed it and try to watch live instead of watching it later.  So I will be sad if it goes back to every two weeks.

My Naples crochet group normally meets every two weeks at Panera.  I would not have been able to join them until I returned to Naples in Jan ’21.  Instead they now Zoom weekly!!  So I will get to stay in contact and it’s weekly not every two weeks!  I don’t know what they will do once things go back to “normal”.

Finally, a nationally recognized knitting teacher, Party Lyons, started doing a weekly podcast which I enjoy. Again she does it live which makes it more fun.  I don’t know if she will keep doing it once life is back to “normal” .  I think she did it partially because she was bored and as a means to stay in contact with her “fans”.

So my knitting life has actually been richer because of the pandemic.  Most of the activities I couldn’t do in person anyway so YouTube Live and Zoom have been great.  I will be sad to see them go as life returns to “normal”.  It’s funny how my calendar is filled with Zoom and YouTube “meetings” .