#21. Reinforcing Yarn


Another new discovery – reinforcing yarns.  The need to reinforce toes and heels was not included in the sock classes I have taken to date.  Fortunately a fellow knitter mentioned it while she was making a pair of socks.  Sadly my local yarn shop doesn’t carry such yarn (maybe why it’s not part of the classes).

Fortunately said fellow knitter was able to find an online source for multiple colors of reinforcing yarns – Jimmy Beans.  So I had fun picking colors to go with all the sock yarns I’ve already purchased.  And they arrived today!!!  Put them into a clear ziplock type bag and I’m all set for future sock knitting.

You can see that I’m now definitely converted to toe up two at a time sock knitting on magic loops.  This is my second pair.  I also converted the Ravelry Dragonfly Socks pattern into toe up.  This is not rocket science as it simply means reversing the order of the pattern.  I used Judy’s Magic cast-on to start the toes.  When I got to the heels I just did a short row heel.  I did the whole heel on one sock before moving to the second sock.  I don’t think it matters if I’d have done row by row across the two heels but it’s easier to me to just do the whole heel before moving on to the second stock’s heel.  AND then I don’t need two spools of reinforcing yarn if I’m not making two heels at a time.

I’m almost done with these socks.  A few more pattern repeats and then the cuff.  These are a gift.  Can’t wait to get the next pair on needles as they will be for me!!


#20 Cute Homemade Project Bags


Oh, the fun I’ve had!!  Here are the project bags I’ve been making.  I ended up making them different sizes.  The black background bag is the largest. I love the fabric I bought at Silk Road Textiles so I wanted to use it all.  The pattern calls for a 13″ width but this bag is 18″.  I think it will be good for the shawl I plan to make that uses two skeins of yarn.  Not big enough for a sweater project but a good shawl bag.

The black and white dogs and cat bag is closer to the pattern although I made it with a 2 1/2″ cutout instead of the patterns 2″ cutout so that the base would be broader – 5″ instead of 4″.  This width better fits the mesh yarn bags I have been using.  I’m using a sock cozies to hold the yarns in the shawl bags so the balls aren’t as wide.  A 4″ base will be fine and allows the bag to be slightly taller.

I didn’t want another “big” shawl bag so I used the second Silk Road Textiles fabric to make two smaller bags.  I think they will be perfect for socks.  They are only 9″ wide.

Since these projects bags don’t have handles, the plan is to use a quilted tote that I previously was using as a project bag but now I can put two projects into one of my quilted totes.  The quilted totes will still be needed as a solo project bag for larger projects such as sweaters.

The project bags were quick and easy to make.  The cute fabrics make them fun to use.  The balls on the Silk Road Textiles fabrics are balls of yarn so very appropriate for a knitting project.  The dogs and cats reflect my love of these pets.

I am getting so much joy from my knitting.  Using fun things like pretty needles, soft yarns, colorful stitch markers, and now cute project bags just adds to the joy.  When I worked I used to buy colorful pens.  The stressful days of work needed a little fun to them.  Guess I’m carrying on the desire for moments of joy.  Thankfully, in retirement my days are filled with moments of joy.