#30. Excessive Project Starting

Argh, I’ve done it again!  I’ve got 4 different projects on needles.  I really need to focus and get some done!!

#1. I participated in a KAL last fall but put the sweater aside since it was for my daughter until I could have her try it on at Thanksgiving.  Then I wanted to get some sock projects completed so it sat again until February.  Now I’m getting close to finishing the body.  The sleeves shouldn’t take too long so hopefully I’ll get it done by May.  She probably can’t wear it till November although at least it’s a lighter weight sweater.

#2. I started a pair of socks while in Miami as my “brain dead” knitting project.  Plus I’m practicing knitting Continental as a way to reduce repetitive stresses from knitting.  They are supposed to be for James.

#3  My Friday morning group of knitters started a fingerless mitten project the end of January.  Unfortunately my balls got tangled so bad that I had to stop working them until I got back to Cincinnati and could rewind the yarn.

#4 New class – Yesterday I started a class so that I could learn how to do brioche knitting.  That was a goal for ’19.  It’s a big shawl.  I hope to be done by mid May although Sara’s sweater is a big project, for me, since I tend to get distracted.  I’m not got at sitting for hours knitting.  I tend to get online too much!!

So I do need to focus and start getting these projects finished.  I have lots of projects planned for ’19 which means I need to finish the ones I’ve already started!!


#29.Visiting LYS while Snow Birding

While snow birding in Miami, I wanted to visit local yarn shops.  Apparently yarn shops are not a big thing in the south.  I wasn’t able to find one in Charleston, SC while visiting my daughter and I could only find two in the North Miami area.   Traffic makes everything difficult in the Miami area so I only visited one of the two yarn shops.  It was only 20 minutes from the Y I attended while in Miami but the return trip to the condo was 45 minutes.

It was crowded with yarn and dark as it’s a narrow store front.  The lack of pricing on the skeins of yarn was also not helpful.  But what a treasure to find the yarn that we had all marveled over that Lise had gotten during a trip to Seattle.  I could not resist taking on another project using this special yarn.

I’m excited to have a project to take with me on our trip to Italy in May.  The yarn is tiny, lace weight, so it won’t take up a lot of room.  The lacy red shawl will be pretty with my black and white summer dress.

I’ll look forward to visiting this yarn shop again next winter.  It is only a few blocks from where my son lives so hopefully next year I might be able to combine a visit to the shop with a visit to my son.