#14. Lots of Projects


Compared to some, I’m a “piker” but I currently have six knitting projects on needles (WIPs) and will start a seventh tomorrow.  Yikes!!  I sure didn’t mean to do this.  But this year there have been so many knitting classes that I wanted to take to expand my skills and keep knitting interesting, that I have bitten off too much.

I’ve learned that I can’t really take two classes at once.  This year I took sock classes and sweater classes over the same period.  Since I’m new to socks it still takes me 4-6 weeks to knit one sock.  Then I need another 4-6 weeks to knit the match.  This will get faster but currently I also always make mistakes requiring me to rip out and reknit which adds to how long it takes to complete a project.

Then I also get overly optimistic on how much knitting I’ll get done on a trip.  I started two pairs of socks thinking I’d get a lot of knitting done on vacation or college visit trips with Jared.  Hence I have three pairs of socks started in addition to the pair I just started in a new class this month.   So that’s four pairs of socks started.  I’m having to buy more sock needles!!

Finally I have a sweater for my daughter.  It’s been on hold a few weeks awaiting her visit next week.  I need to check the body and arm length on her to determine how much more is needed.  Sadly I found an error in the pattern on the body front so after I confirm the desired final length, I have to rip back 6″ to fix the error.  As I said, making mistakes is a big reason it takes me so long to complete a project.

Tomorrow I take a scarf project with the objective of learning how to knit continental. I’m hoping that style of knitting will be easier on my shoulder and wrist (getting old sucks).  Fortunately it’s an incredibly easy pattern so it will be good for knitting while watching TV.  I have been working on a prayer shawl for a year.  It’s such a large project 20″x60″ that it’s taking a very long time.  Plus with all the classes I’ve taken, the shawl always takes a back seat.

My goal for the summer is to complete these WIPs.  Then I have plenty of yarn already purchased for making more socks, a scarf, and a sweater.  With Jared going to college in Alaska, it will be interesting to see if I get any requests for socks, hats, and/or scarfs.


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