#77 Fingerless Mitts

Year of Projects

Not a lot this week. I did finish and mail my daughter’s Christmas socks. I started these fingerless mitts. I’ve loving them so fingers crossed there is enough yarn leftover to make a pair for me. While taking our morning walk today a pair of mitts would have been appreciated. My hands always get cold even if the rest of me is fine. Indian summer is over here in Ohio. The mornings are going to start being nippy.

I’m loving the yarn more than I thought. It is Knit Picks Japanese Rainbow Sparkle which apparently has been discontinued (hence the big sale last year when I bought it). Despite being 38% acrylic, I’m loving the softness of the yarn. It’s going to feel great. I must confess it is worsted but doesn’t look too bulky to me. There is a fuzziness to the yarn making it look like I’m knitting it with mohair. The mitts look and feel cozy. I chose a very basic pattern as I wanted to highlight the yarn, not a pattern. So it’s just a ribbed cuff, stockinette “body”, and bindoff.

The mitts should be done today or tomorrow. Then whatever yarn is left will be knit into a pair for me that I should get done this week. That means I should be casting on my next sweater by next weekend at the latest!!


Houston, we have a decision. Been going back and forth on if we should head down to Florida in mid-December or after Christmas. Have finally decided to stick with Plan A and celebrate Christmas in Ohio despite not being able to do any of our usually traditions. It does mean two more weeks to knit in cool weather which will hopefully help keep me motivated on the sweater I’ll be beginning. Since I only ordered a 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar for me guess I’ll have to decide if I start it on the 1st or the 13th. Or I might go with opening on odd days to make it last longer.


11 thoughts on “#77 Fingerless Mitts

  1. The yarn is gorgeous! Yes, I am happy to have mitts on too with my hat as well I stay pretty toasty (and handknit socks too of course!) Happy Advent knitting whenever you decide to do it. I am joining a Gnome Advent KAL. Can’t wait for December 1!

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  2. That yarn is very pretty, looks like handspun rather than commercial, so I’m surprised they discontinued it as I think it’s pretty. Aren’t the 12 days of Christmas the 25th December to 5th January? That’s when I plan to open mine…or are you not wanting to take it away with you?

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