YOP: Wk of 7/25 – 7/31 Tank Top Knitting and Bohus Pattern


I mentioned before that I got intriged about Bohus knitting patterns after seeing them on the Fruity Knitting podcast. I don’t intend to be a Bohus purist so I’m not going to worry about exactly (or even remotely) matching the yarn colors or yarns used in the original sweaters from the ’40s. For those that do want the exact colors and yarns, kits can be purchased from angoragarnet.com at about $400 per sweater kit. I’m not a good enough knitter to spend that much money on a sweater. But I did get the 1995 book by Wendy Keele that includes many of the patterns. The yarn she used is no longer available. My favorite from the book is The Wild Apple. There is a pattern available to purchase on Ravelry. But I spent a day rewriting the pattern in the book into a style that I can follow and translating the chart into an excel sheet with the colors more clearly labeled. Who knows if I’ll ever knit the sweater, but I have a pattern and a chart should I decide to try. I hope to get a better feel for what a 50% merino/50% angora sport weight yarn should look and feel like before buying any yarn. A 2022 project goal??

Wild Apple – Bohus sweater

Heldig Tank Top

Caitlyn’s tank top is coming right along. I did have her try it on and it fits much better this time. Still a little loose despite being over gauge (should make it tighter) and knitting the S size. She wears her clothes very tight so this top will be baggier than what she is used to wearing. I’ve almost finished the first ball of yarn. It’s supposed to take 3 so a third of the way done? On track for finishing by mid-August.

Heldig Tank

Sewing – Project Bag Handles

I added handles to 2 of my project bags. The sock sized bags I made don’t need handles but these two are larger; 2-3 skein size. I think the handles will make them more useful. Certainly made them more colorful. I’m loving the dog/cat bag for holding the Heldig Tanki project.

Newly handled

Christmas Socks

The Christmas socks for my son-in-law are getting a little love. I’m knitting my variation on the Hermione sock which is a simple P on the first of four stitches of R1 and then P on the third of four stiches on R3. I’ve added P on the second of four on R5 and the fourth of four on R7. Another MLS Soccer game meant a few rows before the game, during halftime, and especially waiting for traffic to clear after the game. My knitting turned out to be the highlight of the evening as once again the hometown team failed to win.

Gingerbread Christmas

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group β€“ make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


16 thoughts on “YOP: Wk of 7/25 – 7/31 Tank Top Knitting and Bohus Pattern

  1. The wild apple sweater is beautiful – I remember looking for it a few years ago but the book was out of print. I think I will have another look! Glad the vest is fitting better.

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    1. I was lucky I could borrow the book for the library. It had a sticker on it reminding you it would cost you $125 if you didn’t return the book. But at least I know how to find it if I need it again.


  2. That Wild Apple sweater is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your rendition of the pattern.

    Glad to redo of the tank top is working out well and how brilliant of you to add handles to those project bags!

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    1. I know … I’ve enjoyed this groups as I’ve learned a lot over the past year .. project planning/goal ideas, patterns, yarns, notions. So far I’ve managed to resist spinning and weaving but it’s hard. πŸ™‚


  3. So glad the tank is going to be ok. The handles in the project bags really brighten the bags up. Your son’s Christmas sock is nice. Thanks for explaining your adjustment to the HES pattern.

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  4. I used to have a sweater in high school similar to the style of the Wild Apple. It was wool and angora and a light blue with white, yellow, and blue design for the colorwork. I loved that sweater and I had my senior picture taken in it…..although back then the photos were black and white so the colors didn’t show up. I have no idea whatever happened to that sweater.
    The tank top is coming along well and I love the handles for your project bags. The Christmas socks are really cute! Enjoy your week!

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  5. I love that Bohus pattern – it’s a stunner. FWIW, having raised angora rabbits and made yarn from their fiber, a 50/50 wool/angora blend is going to be VERY warm and have a TON of fluffy halo. You could get by with a much less angora-heavy blend (even 80/20 would work, or 75/25) and still have the same fine misty halo but without as much density or warmth. (And it generally is less expensive for yarn that way too).

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