YOP Wk 10/31-11/6; FOs, Advent Calendar, This and That


I did finish the 2 Cozies for my seatmates. I will be giving them this afternoon at our final soccer match. Uh, yeah, I used leftover yarn requiring some mixing.



I am making advent calendars again this year for my local knitting friends. This year though I’m only doing 12 Days. We all have too many minis so truthfully we were all avoiding a yarn advent. Hoping they won’t mind too much. This year it’s a very eclectic mix. Some worsted weight, some mohair, and some fingering. Again purchased from our local yarn dying friend. Hoping they find uses in hats, mitts, or cowls. I’ve thrown in a couple stitch markers/ progress keepers for a 13th day. I’m using advent calendar drawings my children’s book illustrator niece drew a few years ago. I printed them on sticker paper to adorn the tops of the gold boxes. This year no fancy wooden box for the gold boxes since these are intended to be “refills”.


YEA!! Got my daughter’s Sailormoon finished!! Still need to weave in some ends and block it. Fingers crossed it will fit like I envisioned. Not sure if I should mail it down to her so she can let me know if it fits or if I should just wait until we see her in 3 weeks. I hate to trust even FedEx and certainly not the postal system. I’m thinking I’ll just bring the yarns with me as well. (I have enough to knit another sweater!!) If major adjustments are needed, I’ll have to do them in Florida and mail it back to her.


My niece had a gender reveal party yesterday. She is having a girl. They didn’t know either. Apparently they gave permission for a friend to be informed. She took care of getting the pink desserts and the pink “cannons”. It was so nice to a) have an excuse to get together as an extended family, and b) share in her and her husband’s excitement over becoming parents. As I have mentioned previously, a baby blanket is now on my 2022 knitting plan. I gave them two children’s books illustrated by my other niece (Megan Higgins). (The one that drew the advent calendar drawings.)

It’s a Girl


Fortunately not all our home improvement projects ended in disaster. We replaced our roof in June. The siding that was ordered back in May finally arrived, supply chain issues, and was being installed this week. After 28 years, the old siding had faded to a chalky grey. Now it’s back to it’s original “Colonial Blue”. This photo was taken early in the week. They are almost done. Still need some trim completed and the gutters put back on.

New Siding

We also splurged on a “swim spa”. My husband is an avid swimmer. A “swim spa” in kinda like a treadmill for swimmers. You swim against water jets so you swim in place. We had one for years but it “died” about 10 years ago. Once we retired, hubby chose to swim laps at the YMCA but he is frustrated with the times swim lanes are available. Now that we only have one car, that’s really a problem. Again due to supply chain issues it won’t be delivered till May/June ’22. But by ordering it now we get a 2021 price which will be at least 10% below 2022 prices. Kinda like yarn …. did someone say “Sale”?!


Now I get to focus on finishing my Advent 2019 socks. Then I’ll be getting out my new ball winder and wind the yarns for my next sweater CAST-ON!! I will also wind any skeins that I plan to take to Florida. I did update my preliminary 2022 Knitting Plan so that I know what projects I want to work on while in Florida. I know I’ll take more than I can finish but I enjoy wishful thinking. Wishing you a great crafting week.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


23 thoughts on “YOP Wk 10/31-11/6; FOs, Advent Calendar, This and That

  1. First off, let me say how much I enjoy your blog. You pack so much into it and talk about all aspects of your life. It really draws my interest. Ok, now onto my thoughts on this weeks post. The 12 days advent idea is brilliant. You could also do it as the 12 days of Christmas and make Christmas last so much longer. Those boxes and their stickers are adorable and should make everyone smile that receives them. The sailor moon sweater turned out great. Hopefully it will fit perfectly and you will not need to do any adjustments. Congrats on a new great niece arriving next year. May she be healthy and happy. Your new siding looks very nice. I did not know siding ever needed replacing. I learned something new today. Your hubby’s swim spa sounds interesting. I have seen them before but did not know they could be installed in a home. Will it be inside or outside? I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Thank you so much for the nice compliment about my blogging. The swim spa is installed outdoors. We have to get a concrete pad poured. Hopefully this concrete contractor (recommended by the pool people) will be capable. Sadly vinyl siding does age and become brittle in addition to oxidizing. We had some holes in a few places as well as the fading.


  2. Like Marsha I also enjoy your posts and the insight into what goes on in your world. I don’t think gender reveals are really a thing here…yet. The Sailormoon looks fabulous and I hope it arrives safely and fits perfectly. What is siding made of, is it wood?

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    1. Thank you for the nice compliments. Our siding is vinyl. Hubby thought siding would be easier to take care of. Probably is because you can use a power washer to remove any algae that grows on the siding.


      1. Oh that’s interesting. I wasn’t sure what it was made of. We just had moss removed from our roof and next need to deal with our fencing that has gone green. Our house has roughcasting on which thankfully doesn’t provide a good surface for green to move in.

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  3. Yay for Sailormoon being finished! The advent swap sounds like a great idea – I don’t have knitting friends near me so I make advents for myself! I do it 6 months in advance so I forget what I put in it!

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  4. You had a BUSY week! Love the idea of the advent “refills” – and hope the recipients do too. Sailor Moon looks wonderful. Fingers crossed it fits perfectly. I totally understand about the supply chain woes. Google reminded me that 1 year ago today I picked out the countertops that just got installed last week!

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  5. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!
    Great use of leftovers for the cuffs. I bet your seat mates will love them.
    I’m in awe of your spreadsheet!
    Lucky husband! I love swimming but hate driving the miles to use the closest pool. Their lap time schedule isn’t great either.

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    1. Thanks. I love my spreadsheet for planning the year. Makes me feel in control of my knitting (hahahaha). I also created a calendar using google sheets for each month so I can track exactly what projects got worked on each day as well as record the number of stitches I knit each day. I’m a “mathy” person so I love spreadsheets and analysis.

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  6. You have a lot of wonderful things going on! Yay for Sailor Moon finish and I am sure it will fit and she will love it. The soon to become Mom doesn’t even look pregnant. Congrats to all of you.
    Your siding looks lovely and a swim pool sounds great I’m not a swimmer but I do like to lay by a pool with a good book and a rum runner! LOL! I think I will do like Lucy and make myself an advent box full of fiber goodies!
    Have a great week!

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  7. Your blog is very entertaining and so colorful – it’s a great mixture of content knitting and personal. I am very envious of your YOP tracker, I love the amount of detail, the way it takes the guesswork out of what to knit next, and you know exactly what you will take on vacation. I love it!!!! Were you always this organized or is this a result of the Raverly group?

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    1. Thank you for the nice compliments. No, I’m naturally a planner. I was feeling “out of control” bouncing from one project to another mainly based on what classes were being offered by my local yarn shop. The plan helps me not plan to knit 9 sweaters when I know that 5-6 is an aggressive goal. You might like my knitting calendar that is also excel based so that I can track how many stitches I knit every day and exactly what projects got worked on a given day. I’m pretty nerdy.


  8. Wow you have been busy. Makes me feel lazy!! Congrats on new (upcoming) grand niece is that how you say it? Your siding looks very nice, and yeah everything is taking much longer to get now :\.

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  9. Oh wow those advent calendars are really stunning! And I’m so pleased to see your Sailor Moon coming along. The new blue for your siding looks lovely, it never occurred to me it was something you could get in vinyl, that sounds very practical. I’m feeling quite guilty about all of my home projects that are slipping at the moment. I really need to take some inspiration from you!

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  10. The advent calendar is great. I had my daughter make me one with some of my sock leftovers this year. She then made some stitch markers and picked out some tea to add to some days. It was a lot of fun! Some friends and I plan on doing one this year so we can swap leftovers and get some different yarns.

    Your sailor moon looks great! The gender reveal sound s like it was fun. Congrats on the great niece!

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