Big Week in 2021 YOP Update

This has been a week of lots of small things. First off – my first FO!!!!! Gee, only took 6 weeks into 2021 to finally get a FO! It turned out to be finishing a 2020 carryover WIP. But I’m still taking the win. I had a pair of vanilla socks with Fixation yarn on my needles as my “brain dead” project. I love the colors in the yarn – purple, lavender, bright orange, and pale orange.

1st FO of 2021

Part of my motivation to finish the socks was I needed the excess yarn to darn a pair of Fixation footies that had developed a hole in the heel. They are also brightly colored so the patch “kinda” matches. I don’t care since the patch is on the bottom and they are for me. So this week was accomplishing a new “technique” – darning. I actually did two darning techniques. For my freshly finished socks, I reenforced the heel bottom by using duplicate stitches. For my pair that already had a hole, I used the patch technique. Both methods are shown on The Woolery site.

Patch Darning

A second technique I started this week was colorwork. Yes, I’ve been knitting for 4+ years and still hadn’t tried colorwork beyond the stripes in my sweater. As discussed in previous blogs, on my plan for this year is a pair of “advent” socks. The plan is to make a stripe or two of colorwork each month so that the socks are finished by advent come December. I had made the cuff but had put aside the socks until I realized I was “behind”. Oh goodness. Now I get it. Colorwork is indeed fun!! In only 10-11 rows you have a pattern come alive. I am loving my stripes so far. The next stripe will be red background with pink poinsettias. It took till the 3rd stripe to start getting the hang of keep the pattern yarn in my left hand and the background yarn in my right hand. I know that fit can be an issue with colorwork socks so here’s hoping I’ll be able to get them on. I think I’m going to keep the leg fairly short to help with getting them on. If they don’t fit they will be Christmas decorations in my knitting nook.

2021 Advent Sock

And yes, I was back to buying a knitting need. I like colorful but clear plastic bags for my accessory bags and project-in-waiting bags. For accessory bags, I want to be able to see what’s inside without having to dump out the bag or rout around. For project bags, I want to be reminded visually what yarn I have waiting to be knit. I had a set of small cosmetic bags I bought probably 2 years ago but the zipper broke off again this week. Plus the bags didn’t close all the way so some small items could fall out of my accessory bag. I ordered some new ones that zipped close completely. I would have liked to get the slightly larger size but they weren’t available in the multiple colors (I didn’t want 5 blue ones). The size is perfectly fine for my accessory bag which was the original purpose. They are also fine for sock projects-in-waiting. One is even perfect for all the small balls of yarn generated by ripping out my striped sweater. We will see how they wear but they weren’t expensive and the colors are fun.

Accessories and Project bags

Finally, I’m getting soooo close on finishing my “non” shellseeker sweater. I’m sure it will be an FO by next week’s update. The body is completely done. I have about 5 more stripes to knit on the sleeves before binding off.

“Non” shellseeker sweater

Then it will be back to knitting on my daughter’s Bisquit top. I did wet block what I had knit on her top and indeed the gauge does not match the wet block gauge of my swatch. So I’m going to go down a needle size for the remainder of the body and hope the top lace panel isn’t too wide for her shoulders.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.


14 thoughts on “Big Week in 2021 YOP Update

  1. Well done on the FO and picking up a new skill. I haven’t needed to darn anything yet, but I’m sure that day will come. The clear bags look practical and them being different colours makes them more fun. On your advent sock there does seem quite a bit of pull in on the blue snowflake section unless there were decreases. But as you say if it doesn’t fit it will be a beautiful ornament at Christmas. My first colourwork was a hat, it ended up fitting a friend’s 2 year old it was so tight 😬 my 2nd colourwork project was the opposite and so loose the hat slipped when I bent down. It’s all part of learning.


  2. Love your FO and way to go on your patch darning. That is my favourite way to darn socks, and I don’t care if they don’t match the original yarn – it always looks cool, and your match is very close. I have some advent socks in my queue as well…..hmmm….perhaps I will get them started soon. I do love colourwork. Yours are very pretty. Your project bags are great. I use bags like that to store left over yarns of similar weights for my projects that need little bits of coloured yarn for toys, or small socks, etc.

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  3. I love your spreadsheet so much and even though I have not created one yet…I love it! YOurs is just for knitting but I have so many crafts I think I will put them all in one so I can schedule when to work on them.
    I love those socks and that yarn! Plus, you darned beautiful! That was your first time?? I need to learn. I have one sock where the toe busted out but not sure how to fix that.
    Your advent socks are gorgeous! Is that a pattern? I need to try colorwork. I’ve been threatening for years! LOL! Your sweater is almost done too! Hip Hip Hooray!
    Your new bags are perfect and they really are see-through.
    Have a great week and you are an inspiration!

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  4. The advent socks are a free pattern on Ravelry! These are Advent Socks 2019 by Natalie Sheldon. Glad you like my excel planner. I’ve coupled it with an excel that someone with more skills than I have made with each month on a different tab. Thus I have the “year at a glance” style plus the monthly where I can see each day and what projects are active. I plan to do a post in the near future on it. A friend sent me the monthly calendar since I’m an excel geek.


  5. Your FO socks are quite pretty. Love them very colors in them. Congrats on learning how to darn. Did you use a darning egg? Your sweater is so close to being finished. Hopefully your daughter’s sweater will fit her. Your clear bags are such a great addition to your knitting supplies. Your colorway is really pretty. It is on my “to learn” list.

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    1. I did not use a darning egg. I didn’t really feel I needed one. Maybe because this is DK weight yarn?? And it has elastic in the yarn so I wasn’t too worried about stretch/fit?? A darning egg may well be in my future but I didn’t need it for these. 🙂


  6. Thanks. I definitely like colorful “tools” for my knitting. Fingers crossed that I can get my foot into that colorwork. I’ll be trying it on before starting the next stripe. That way not too much to correct if I have to.


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