2022: Wk of Mar 6 – 12; Oops Metric vs Imperial Measurements


Well this is embarassing! Being an engineer I consider myself pretty proficiant in the metric system and converting between metric and Imperial. After writing this post about how frustrated I was at how long it was taking to knit this baby sweater, I realized today that the length was 19 cm not 19″!! For us Imperial number users, 19 cm is 7.5″!! So everything I knit today was not needed. The sweater is at 8.5″ so not too oversized. I’m thinking I’m just going to leave it a bit long rather than rip out the 11 rows (~1500 stitches). Yes this is a test knit but I don’t care. Lesson learned. When the pattern gives metric and Imperial, cross out the metric so I don’t get confused!! (Heard back for the designer. The extra inch is okay. I don’t need to rip back!!)

On the plus side, I’m happy to know that I’m closer to being done than I thought. I bought buttons today. Glad that I’ll have time to work on other projects beside the sweater this week. Turns out only focusing on the sweater was boring.


The baby sweater got almost all my attention this week since I thought I had so much knitting to do on it. I did work on my pair of fingering weight yarn socks during our morning walks but sadly it’s getting so humid in Florida that the yarn sticks to my fingers. Not sure I’m going to be able to knit the fingering weight yarn on my walks afterall. The socks will get a lot of attention this coming week as they will be my “car knit” as I’ll get to knit on our “girls” road trip (see below).

My neice’s baby blanket got a little bit of attention as I’ve started a pink stripe. Not worth taking a picture. I hope to have more colorful stripes to show by next week.


I have been fortunate to find a small group of knitters here in Florida. The six of us meet weekly. There are not a lot of yarn shops in Naples, Fl (one) so we are making a road trip Monday to a yarn shop 2 hours away, Four Purls. It is run by the parents of Emma’s Yarn. You may have heard of the yarn on podcasts. We will shop for about an hour, go to lunch and then we arranged to have a class on bobbles and latvian braids. I have no interest in bobbles (I think it’s a fad which will “date” items plus I just don’t like them) but I’m looking forward to using the latvian braid on collars and/or cuffs. I’m looking forward to having a “girls” day. It’s my plan to simply buy one skein of “souvenir” yarn. I sure don’t need another “sweater” quantity. Maybe mini skeins??? April is right around the corner where I’m committed to “queue up” my stash so that I can see how many years of projects I already have on hand. Any bets?? I have a feeling I’ll be generating at least a 5 year knitting plan (I see a new excel extended knitting plan in my near future).


While shopping for baby sweater buttons, I decide to try my hand at making some progress keepers. I have found that I prefer the leverback clasp to the lobster clasp so it was an opportunity to make more in the style I prefer. Plus I’m always losing my progress keepers so a few more is a good idea. Here are the ones I made.

It has turned into a good week now that I know I’m further on my baby sweater than I thought. It should be no problem to finish by the end of the month afterall. I’m looking forward to the week ahead. Hope you are too.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


15 thoughts on “2022: Wk of Mar 6 – 12; Oops Metric vs Imperial Measurements

  1. Such cute progress keepers. I had to laugh at your cm vs inches mix up. I have done the same and always feel so relieved when I realize I am further along than thought. Your road trip sounds like a grand time. But, only one skein? Good luck with that lol.

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  2. nice job on the progress keepers. Sorry to hear about your mixup with inches and cms, but glad the designer didn’t make you rip it all the way back! I have just recently learned latvian braid and I love the look of it. I agree with you I don’t like bobbles either!

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    1. Yes. All is working out well. Hopefully a lesson learned. I may have to eat my words. I just found a really cute sweater that I think has very small bobbles in contrast colors to the sweater (knit1.dk blouse 2). Sadly the pattern isn’t on Ravelry so I can’t check out comments.


    1. Thanks. I went fairly generic on the buttons since I’m hoping it will get passed around. My stepdaughter in addition to being a new mom is going to be a grandmother this summer. So the sweater may get passed to her grandchild.


  3. I had a similar experience with misreading a pattern (or just not paying attention). I went to the trouble of translating a hat pattern from German to English. I was knitting away and thought, “Wow, I am nowhere near finished and already running out of yarn.” It turned out that I didn’t pay attention to the one piece of information which did not need translating: length per 100 grams. The pattern called for sport weight yarn, and I was using worsted. Oopsie. I ripped back and modified accordingly and all was well.

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  4. Glad you made more progress than you thought on your baby sweater/test knit. And nice that you can free up some time for other projects this week too! Will it make you feel better if I say I’ve calculated out 16 years of projects based on my average annual knitted yardage out of stash over the last several years? 😀

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