#10. Tinking

I hate tinking.  Tink is knit backwards.  It’s what you do to “rip out” your knitting.  I was advised in my first knitting lessons that if I’m unwilling to tink, then give up knitting now.  Even experienced knitters sometimes have to tink.  Our sweater instructor ripped out her sweater several times when it didn’t look the way she wanted.

After wearing my new sweater, previous post, I felt that the arms were too short.  I would prefer them to be about 2″ longer.  So even with trying on my sweater, I didn’t get the length right.  Plus I didn’t really like the ten rows of cuff.  I would prefer a shorter cuff.  Might was well fix that too.

Plus if I was going to rip out the cuffs, I wasn’t thrilled with the border IMG_20180313_1659478_rewind‘?’mof the sweater body.  I think a thicker border would be better.  Plus I wouldn’t mind the sweater being longer since I plan to wear it with leggings.  Well at least it turns out I do need that final skein of yarn.

That was part of my problem.  Since it was my first sweater, I wasn’t sure how much yarn I needed.  Thankfully I had purchased an extra skein.  I kept worrying if I was going to have enough.  Turns out I will barely need the fifth skein.

I’m still hoping to make some socks to go with the sweater with the leftover yarn.  At least now I know how to make a toe up sock.  I can weigh the yarn to know when it’s half gone and thus that will be the length of the sock whether it’s ankle or crew.  I have some leftover white yarn that I can use as toe contrast giving more sweater yarn for the leg.  MORE PROJECTS!!!


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