#27. Knitting Challenge 2019


This year my knitting group is trying a knitting challenge.  We have each made a plan for 2019; setting goals for how many and what type of projects we want to knit thus year.  Some have also included goals like not buying any new yarn this year or learning new knitting techniques.

Being a little OCD, I feel much more in control of my knitting by having my knitting projects planned for the year rather than just reacting to offered knitting classes and buying pretty yarn.  Also, I can lay out my projects so that I don’t overload some months and under plan others.  Also I’m preplanning some knitted birthday gifts.  I hope to track how long it takes me to knit various projects so that I can again better plan my projects.

The plan can of course be modified as new opportunities arise or projects take longer than planned.  But I’m hoping to have fewer projects on needles but instead focus on getting projects done!!  So far I have finished two pairs of socks that got carried over from ’18.

Unfortunately I still have too many projects on needles!!   I’m still working on a third carryover pair of socks (watermelon) and a sweater I started for Sara.  Plus I plan to frog a scarf and instead make a shrug.  So that’s 3 projects on needles from ’18.  I took a sock class in Jan so I have to finish the second sock to complete the project.  Then my knitting group is doing a fingerless glove KAL so those are on needles too.  I’m trying to do them as two at a time.  So that’s 5 projects on needles.  Ahhh!!!  Hopefully I’ll get a lot of knitting done while we are in Florida.  😉


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