#57. Circular Needle Holder

20200426_104926Over a year ago I saw a wall banner that could be made for hanging circular needles instead of curling the cords in a circle and stuffing them into the back pocket of my interchangeable needle case.  I have a lot of small needle circulars for knitting two at a time socks.  There are lots of cute cases out on Etsy but I really didn’t want to curl the cords during storage.

I have been hanging them over a light fixture with leftover yarn balls to try to keep kinks from developing in the cords.  But then I have to search through all of them to try to find the size needle I want.  The banner lets you sort the needles by size.

Thanks to making masks for corona virus, I finally got my sewing machine out.  So after all the masks were made, this morning I finally sewed the banner with Charlie Harper cardinal fabric I bought last year from Silk Road Textiles.  It is definitely not hard to basically sew one piece of fabric onto the other.  I used plain black fabric as the border piece made into a rectangle slightly larger than the rectangle of the cardinal fabric.  I did put iron on interface on the back of the cardinal fabric to give it some rigidity.  Then I sewed through the fabrics 2″ apart to create pockets for the needles to be threaded thru.  I put all my size 1 circulars in the top pocket, size 1 1 /2 in the second, etc.  I didn’t even realize I had circulars from size 1 to size 6, although with different cord lengths.  I ended up needing to put iron on interface on the bottom back of the border so the banner wouldn’t fold in on itself.

I’m happy with how the banner looks and especially happy to have my needles organized by size so I can quickly find the needle I need.  I picked Charlie Harper fabric because he is a famous Cincinnati artist.  His style of animal drawing is very distinct and fits my more abstract preference.  Someday I may have my friend Sandy embroidered the needle sizes on the border.  I’ll wait a bit to be sure I don’t need to change/add sizes.  The advantage of a homemade banner is that I can easily rip out and make changes!😁


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