#65 YoP Aug 17

Didn’t get as much done as I thought I would which sadly is not a big surprise. I always envision I’m going to get LOTS of knitting done on trips and it rarely works out that way. On the other hand I’m SO thankful for the day long conversations at the beach I had with my daughter and stepson while visiting my daughter for her “virtual” graduation. I’m feeling a little melancholy as our relationship changes from my daughter being a student to my daughter being employed fulltime with it’s new restrictions on her time.

Here’s a picture of my daughter in the top I made her. As previous blogs note, I had to rip it out twice due to not reading a very simple pattern correctly. But I’m happy with how it turned out and so is she. I’m really glad I modified the pattern to have a garter edging instead of the all stockinette the pattern is designed with.

My knitting for the week focused on completing some pairs of socks I’ve promised. The foot is too long on the blue socks and I was thinking I had to rip out the entire leg and heel. Duhh!! I just need to turn it inside out and unravel the toe. That will take much less time!! Boy, when I get focused on the toe up process I was almost blinded to alternatives. Thankfully I figured it out before ripping out the leg. So hopefully at least the blue socks will be a FO by next week’s update.

I also worked on my Amrum sweater. I’m making slow but sure progress. I can see mistakes but since it’s for me, I’ll live with them. (Yes the red and gold pins means there is a mistake that I will have to “fix” with a sewing needle). I do love this yarn so I’m enjoying knitting the sweater.


4 thoughts on “#65 YoP Aug 17

  1. I’ve fixed your link in our Ravelry group and explained what I’d recommend next time and hopefully it will work. The socks look great and your fix for the toe sounds ideal, the half a stitch movement will be imperceptible down on a foot that will mostly be in a shoe 😀. So that’s a much better idea. The pattern on Amrum is lovely, will you wear a top underneath or brave some flesh showing. I love so many patterns with lace panels or eyelets and I’m just not brave enough to try them.

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  2. Your daughter’s top is very cute. Looks like the socks will be done by this coming weekend. Glad you figured out how to fix the blue socks. I would not have thought of that. Your sweater is coming along quite nicely. I agree with you. If the sweater is for yourself, only you will know about the mistakes. If you had not marked them, I would not have seen them.

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  3. Oh, that knitted top you made for your daughter looks fun to wear – and cute! And your daughter is a pretty model. Your Amrum sweater is going to be awesome. I’m looking right where the red and gold pins are and I can’t see the mistake. I’m sure no one else will. 🙂

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