#85 2021 Plan Update – WK1

Year of Projects 2021

So far in 2021 I’m being pretty monogamous knitting only my non-shellseeker sweater. I’ve finished the body and now just have the sleeves before I’ll have my first FO of the year!! The good news (?) is that it’s cool enough in south Florida that I’ll actually be able to wear my new sweater. But I’m anxious to get my daughter’s top started. I need to get it done before we visit her on the way back north the end of March.

I’m liking my new idea of using a knitting calendar and yes, I’m off plan already in week 1. I did not start my advent socks. I really want to finish my sweater before casting on new socks. So it will be another week before I actually cast on the socks versus when I thought I would. So far I’m using the calendar to record how many stitches I knit each day. I’ve never used a progress keeper before so I’m working on the habit of setting one on each project and then moving it when I end my knitting for the day. I’m a data freak so anything that creates numbers that can then be graphed and analyzed is heaven to me.


I discovered this week that I forgot my o-ring stitch markers. I know it wastes time but I put a colorful o-ring stitch marker every 10 stitches so that I can easily keep track of increases/decreases or find drop/added stitches. Thanks to Amazon, I quickly got a new set. I ordered a size in-between the 2 sizes I already have (tiny for Size 1 and below sock needles and large for Size 8 and above for heavy weight sweaters or airy shawls) thus I don’t feel so guilty about forgetting them and having to buy more. Can you really have too many colorful stitch markers???


Covid has hit my knitting circle. One of my hometown knitting friends and her husband were diagnosed with Covid a week ago despite trying to be extremely cautious. Her husband still works and thus probably picked it up there. Now her husband is in the hospital due to low oxygen levels. I pray that he is able to gain strength and return home soon.

13 thoughts on “#85 2021 Plan Update – WK1

  1. Your non-shellseeker is fantastic. I love the way you did the striping on it. Stitch markers are necessary. Once you find ones you like it is hard not to have then available for you. How nice you were able to get them from Amazon quickly. Hooray for PRIME! This Covid crap is just tearing through our state like a wild fire. (11,000 more cases today) I pray your knitting pal and her husband recover quickly without any last effects of the virus.

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  2. Covid numbers are rising over here as well, inspite of lockdowns and vaccinations. I hope your friend and her husband will recover soon.
    As for stitch markers – I kept forgetting where I put mine so instead of ordering more, I made some from scrap yarn. Strange enough, I haven’t yet lost or misplaced a single one of them.

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  3. I’m so sorry about your friends! I hope they can give them that “cocktail” of drugs that all the higher-ups got! It worked great for them so why do we have so many dying?
    Your sweater is divine….love those stripes! I have to fill in my calendar too…thank you for the reminder, Your stitch markers are so pretty. Did I tell you about Virgin River books? I finished the 20 episodes and when will the new season start? Enjoy your time in FL! Stay safe!

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  4. I sure do love your non-shellseeker sweater, and I’m glad you’re likely going to be able to wear it in Florida. I’m also glad to read that your friend’s husband is doing better. Such a worrisome illness. I hope he continues to improve.

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  5. No, one can never have enough stitch markers! I got 50 of those coloured rings in my Simply Knitting magazine earlier this year (like I need any extra ones.) My prayers to your friend and her husband that all will be well.
    Take care.

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